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Some notes from the Mobile conversation... 

(Steve Lubar)


Markus – libraries and museums access

            Use iPhone for library – different walking tours for city – literary, etc.

             Starting with university tour

                        Show of historic images of campus

                                    --while standing in front of building

                                      pull them from archives – see what’s close to you...

                                    “you become the cursor

                        pulls images from depository – added metadata

need to add direction of photograph if you want – where was it taken from

            should it be done for a specific platform, or html5?

All the images in one folder, in a mySQL database  using php


            Just on apple systems? Small market

            For iphone – mapkit

Duke University: all of digital images, grouped by collection, available on iphone


Cheaper to replace projectors in classroom with giving everyone an ipod touch, let them follow powerpoint. But heads down?

Should things be on line, - or  dowload to machine?



Herbarium project -  data on line, pulled to iphone?

Jamaica architectural history – three audiences – scholars, city planners, tourists

            A curated space




How to do metadata assuming for mobile

            Photos need to have metadata for where taken from, direction of camera

                        Or standards

DC Public Library – they put historic images on flickr, ask people to take pictures of the site today

Home  (Texas project)


You can add old maps on top of Google maps, maybe...







Sophie book project...  platform for online books



Emotion maps: as you move around city, say what you feel

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